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re: DECLINED - App: joker98 - by Asrín


Thanks for your application.

I had my current balance druid look over this and he was not impressed.  Your logs are quite low in comparison, you have 2 of the BiS aoe/cleaving legendaries yet on cleave aoe fights are still really low for your gear.  He also said you play a bad hybrid spec for no reason when there is a better choice.

I trust his opinion on this but seeing the logs myself i would agree, and no offense the English in your application isnt too great either so i fear we would have an understanding issue in raids.

Sorry but its a decline.  Best of luck with your guild search.  


If you have any questions regarding the druid specific comments, ask Sigguid and he can go over in detail.



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re: App: joker98

The application submitted by joker98 is as follows:

Name : Jôkër-Silvermoon
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Silvermoon
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Night Elf
Class : Druid
Spec 1 : Balance

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

About You

Tell us your name, age, and where you are from.:
my name is faleh am 21 years old am from kuwait

Do you have a working microphone, and are you willing to use it?:
yes I do have a mic and am willing to use it

Tell us your previous raiding exprience. Please include a brief summary of your Kills when the content was current..:
I was playing since cata (85) I was with the realm first with my druid with them on my old account I was with rescue guild my druid name was (Xero) now its (thedoctorinc) and now I switch to this account to play Alliance

What the last few previous raiding guilds you were in and what were your reasons for leaving?:
I was with a few guild but I leaved because I didn't find a good raiding skills with them so I heard good things about your guild that's why I applied to this guild

Why Four Oh Four?:
like what I told you I heard good story's about your raiding skills

We raid Wednesday,Thursday and Monday from 19.15 until 22.15 server time. Will you be able to attend these days?:

Game Play

Can you please give us some insight into your talent choices and gems/enchants, as well are your current number of artifact traits?:
Starlord/Displacer Beast/Restoration Affinity/ typhoon/incarnation chosen of elune/Shooting Stars(for Aue)- Bleesing of the Ancients(single Target)/Stellar Drift( For Aue)- Nature's Balance (For single target ). All gems and enchants are haste and my traits are 54

Do you have an off-spec that you can play and what is its gear and your play experience with it?:
I have no other off spec

What addons do you use?:
DBM - Skada - Bigwings - RcLootcouncin

Can you provide a link to a World of Logs or Warcraft Logs for us to look at??:


Do you have anything else you want to add?:
thanks for your time and I wish that you eccept my application and I cant wait to raid with you and let you see what can I do. have a nice day

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