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re: APPROVED - App: Haugelyck3 - by Asrín


Thanks for your application.

Our current mages have had a look and it all seems fine.  Your ilvl and progress is good, logs seem ok.  No issue with fire after my mages explained mage spec choice to me.

Accepted for trial.



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re: App: Haugelyck3

The application submitted by Haugelyck3 is as follows:

Name : Hamzi
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Silvermoon
Level : 110
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Dwarf
Class : Mage
Spec 1 : Fire
Spec 2 : Frost

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

About You

Tell us your name, age, and where you are from.:
Hauge, 21, Copenhagen

Do you have a working microphone, and are you willing to use it?:
I do, and yes

Tell us your previous raiding exprience. Please include a brief summary of your Kills when the content was current..:
Casual raiding experience:
Molten Core full clear, quit for the rest of vanilla and returned in WotLK
Cleared ICC normal mode and 11/12HC on my restoration druid(25m)
Cataclysm: some hc firelands, BoT, BD
I was PvP'ing in Cata for the most part as an elemental shaman
Inactive, was pursuing my FPS dreams of becoming a pro. Didn't succeed. quit
HFC 12/13M, quit on Archimonde, personal reasons.
5/10M - tich 5%(didn't use vantus), Augur 36%, first day.

What the last few previous raiding guilds you were in and what were your reasons for leaving?:
Was a nice place, enjoyed playing there, became a Core Raider and the day after that it disbanded - like the 9 other guilds that i've been in this expansion that disbanded
Didn't meet the requirements, trial was cancelled. Very tough competition, the two other mages on the raid team are Ozmor and Lemaro, two of the highest geared mages on silvermoon, unforfunately i am not that geared, but if i was i'd be there right now.

Why Four Oh Four?:
I think it has been around for a long time and that matters because I admire stability in a guild.
Other than that, progression is decent and somewhat equal to mine and I feel i will be able to carry my own weight + more in there

We raid Wednesday,Thursday and Monday from 19.15 until 22.15 server time. Will you be able to attend these days?:

Game Play

Can you please give us some insight into your talent choices and gems/enchants, as well are your current number of artifact traits?:
54 traits in fire, 45 in frost and 19 in arcane(i believe).
I enchant Crit based on the fact that crit is my main stat and it helps the rotation the most. Gemming crit aswell.
Single target:
Conflagration, Shimmer, Mirror Images, Flame on, Frenetic Speed, Unstable Magic, Meteor.
Multi target:
Conflagration, Shimmer, Mirror Images(or Rune of Power sometimes), Flame on, Frenetic Speed, Living Bomb, Cinderstorm(or Meteor sometimes)

Do you have an off-spec that you can play and what is its gear and your play experience with it?:
I can play frost but fire always works better for me because i dont have the legendaries for my OS.

What addons do you use?:
WeakAuras, DBM, Angry Assignments, ShadowedUnitFrames(UI), Recount.
I use other addons but they dont affect my gameplay like those mentioned above.

Can you provide a link to a World of Logs or Warcraft Logs for us to look at??:


Do you have anything else you want to add?:
Hope you pick me

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